What’s your view on safety in Nepal? Would you go? Are you thinking of going? Have you just got back? Post your views here and let the world know what is happening in Nepal.



  1. Anonymous Said:

    >Taplejung:7pm to 3am.

    Is it true?
    People in Taplejung is an early riser.
    Kantipur Online

  2. Admin Said:

    Thanks I updated the timing for Taplejung.

  3. NepalNetwork
    “Is Nepal Safe?” added (and i hope translate on my Square)

  4. __ Said:

    Thank you.

  5. Anonymous Said:

    I just want to say thank you for the real facts on what is happening in Nepal. I’m planning on going there at the end of march/april. My sister read an article in the NY Times and freaked. I can now show her your blog or tell her thats its not as bad as it seems. I will of course make sure it hasn’t gotten worse before I leave. The US state department has also issued a warning which is scaring tourist off. Again thanks for the info on whats happening over there

  6. Good info, but the situation is yet to get harsher for tourists.

  7. __ Said:

    Deepak, can you tell us how you think the situations is likely to get harsher for tourists?

  8. Anonymous Said:

    Poster reports two explosions in Ktm tonight, according to The Himalayan Times. “Details are awaited”. But it doesn’t seem to concern any of the tourist spots.

    Good blog btw.

  9. __ Said:

    Thanks for the post anonymous@11.14

  10. Katy Said:

    Hi, I have to admit Im a little worried by the ‘but the situation is yet to get harsher for tourists’ comment. I fly out in about an hour, spend a night in Vienna, and arrive, as a solo female traveller, at 11pm at night, still needing to get a visa at the airport, on thursday the 9th. My hostel will no longer pick me up from the airport due to the bandha. Any help/advise/information you could assist me with would be greatly appreciaterd. Thanks, Apprehensive traveller, Katy–>

  11. __ Said:


    If you wish to contact Deepak directly visit this page.

  12. mieke Said:

    Actually I think that your FAQ-page should include a recommendation that people register with their embassy in Nepal (or India, if their country has no embassy in Kathmandu) for the duration of their stay in Nepal. Even though Consular Affairs’ care is not always what it should be, it may help for them to take you (or your relatives) more serious in case of trouble if you’ve started to take them (the Consular section) serious in the first place. Quite a number of foreign embassies ask travellers (tourists) to register with them, so it’s easier to help you when problems would arise.

  13. Lindsey Said:

    I am planning a trip to Nepal as a solo female traveller in May. Since the last posting, the situation in Kathmandu has gotten worse and it does not seem that it will be getting any better soon. Is it a bad idea for me to travel to Nepal at this time? I have heard that tourists are not targeted in the protests, but I am not sure if the protests will affect certain activities and treks that I want to do while I’m there. Is it still worth going?

  14. discobobo Said:

    Hi Lindsey!

    While ‘admin’ (the blog owner) still holds the view that he’d still go to Nepal during the current climate, I am a little more cautious.

    Life is majorly disrupted. It’s pretty difficult (if not impossible) to tavel overland. There are some special services for tourists on some short distance routes. Once you get out on a trek the effect will be lessened but it’s how you get out there that’s the problem.

    Whether it’s worth going is up to you; can you live with the current disruptions to life in Nepal? Is your government advising against travel to Nepal? If so, it may invalidate your insurance.

    Read some posts on Yetizone to get a flavor too.


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