Govt hikes transport fares by 25-28pc

Kantipur Report KATHMANDU, Feb 21 – The government has hiked the fares of public transport, including buses, minibuses and taxis, operating throughout the country by 25 to 28 percent. The government increased the fares of public vehicles operating on long routes by 25 percent and fares of vehicles operating on medium and short routes will increase by 28 percent. Fares of vehicles operating on distance between 0-5 kilometers have been fixed at Rs 9. Similarly, fares of vehicles plying on distance between 5-10 kilometers, 10-15 kilometers, 15-20 kilometers and 20-25 kilometers have been fixed at Rs 10, Rs 12, Rs 14 and Rs 15, respectively. The government has determined long route as those that cover distances of more than 250 kilometers. Medium routes denote any distance between 100 to 250 km and short route represents distance between 25 to 100 km. Similarly, fares of metered taxi have been increased by around 16 percent. Although the ‘initial money drop’ on meter taxis has been fixed at Rs 8 of the past, the-per-200 meter-fare has been fixed at Rs 3.50. Earlier, a meeting of Public Transport Fare Review and Recommendation Committee, formed under Director General of Department of Transport Management, held on Monday had recommended the government to hike the fares. Representatives of various transport federations and consumer forums had also participated in the meeting. The government had earlier increased the prices of public transport on Jan 12, 2005. Although the committee had recommended the government to increase the fares by 12 to 15 percent on Nov 7 last year, it had not done so citing various reasons.


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