Nine Tourists Held, Freed in Kathmandu

Police arrested nine tourists from Narsingha Chowk of Thamel on Tuesday afternoon while they were demonstrating for peace in Nepal and demanding the lifting of curfew.

Police said they had to arrest them because they had violated curfew orders. The arrested tourists were identified as Johannis Jappen, Be Van Vark, Daniel Axenfeld, Robat Valeutinj of Germany, Einata Almog of Israel, Kate Miller, Anthony Wakins, Dan French of UK and Mikhril Tselmrn of Russia. They were released from the Sohrakhutte ward police station at around 8:30 pm.

About 24 tourists were demonstrating at the chowk, police said, adding that many were asked to go back to their hotels. The tourists were demanding the lifting of curfew and urging all parties to resolve the crisis through talks.

Himalayan Times

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  1. Anthony Hawkins Said:

    I am the Anthony (wakins)Hawkins that was arrested. We wanted to show the Nepalese people that we recognised there struggle for democracy.
    The Police treated us well. Only because we beat them hard at ping-pong and bought them tea. They tried hard to get us to split from the guy that organised the demonstration. though none of us had ever meet before, we remained united. The international red cross did nothing to help us , neither the UN . The British Embassy send a representative and she gained hour release after around four and a half hours. Some very unusual things happen when you travel. I live in a small town in England and the lady named Kate Miller also came from the same town, but we had never met until we were in the police compound. It turned out that she worked as a school teacher along with three of my old school teachers.. Small world..
    Anthony Hawkins..

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