2 foreign docs treating injured deported

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, April 14 – The government on Thursday deported two foreign doctors treating injured demonstrators in course of the ongoing movement in the capital.

A Nepali news website – www.parewa.com – reported that a German doctor identified only as “Angel” had been treating the injured. The government has cancelled his visa for the remaining period of its validity, the website said. Likewise, Dr Brian Cobb, an American doctor who was asked by the government to leave the country, took a 12:00 o’clock flight out, said Pradip Thapa of Ashoka Hotel where the doctor was staying since April 5. According to The New York Times, police on Wednesday detained for six hours, under circumstances that remain a mystery, Dr Cobb, who could be seen treating the injured by setting up makeshift facilities over the past week. On Tuesday, Dr Cobb had accused senior police officer Madhav Thapa of beating him along with many others and “gouging out one man’s eye with the end of a lathi”.


Government propels out foreign doctors

[…] According to news reports, police arrested Dr Cobb from Gangabu on Wednesday and detained for six hours. He was not allowed to inform the American embassy while under detention. He was released on condition that he would present at the immigration department on Thursday. He told reporters that the police treated him like ‘criminal’.

He was severely beaten by Senior Superintendent of Armed Police Force Madhav Thapa on Tuesday while he was providing treatment to the injured demonstrators and police personnel in Gangabu. He had claimed that Thapa gouge out eye of one to the demonstrators with his baton on that day. […]

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