US mission stops visas, cuts staff

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, April 13 – The US mission in Kathmandu, in order to scale back its activities – including at the embassy, USAID and the consular section and American Center at Yak & Yeti Hotel – has gone to minimal staffing, a statement issued by the American Center said here Wednesday.

With the closure of the consular section until further notice, no one will be issued a visa. An American Center source said that the exercise for this was going on for the past few days. Similarly, the American Center library has also been closed until further notice.

Meanwhile, the US mission canceled a planned visit Wednesday by an eight-member delegation from the U.S. House of Representatives “due to ongoing violence, curfews, and widespread insecurity in Nepal”.

The delegation, led by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, J Dennis Hastert (R-IL), wanted to visit Kathmandu Wednesday till Friday to review developments here and meet representatives of the government, political parties and civil society.

The Congressional delegation, currently in India, is also scheduled to visit Vietnam.


You can check the latest news on the US Embassy’s webpage, here.

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  1. Min Said:

    My Nepal Trip–8 to 15 Apr 2006

    It was my first trip to Nepal that year, I can sense something big is happening because I’ve been reading The Kathmandu Post in March when I read that even docs and lawyers are joining the protest, something is not right. I told my friend but since she didn’t read the news she don’t feel anything at all and we decided to go with the group tour. The pilot announced there will be a curfew even before the plane touch the ground. Mobile phone connections will cut off and the King was in Pokhara. Kathmandu was quite peaceful throughout the trip because most of the protesters were in Pokhara.
    Heard that one Japanese was injured in Pokhara. Roads were blocked and only domestic and international airport remained open.

    We stayed one night in Hyatt Regency Kathmandu but the next day, protesters throw rocks at the security post. The signage at the gate was damaged and I took some pictures before leaving for the domestic airport. Everyone was panic and fortunately our guide managed to get the hotel bus to the domestic airport. The day before we saw the prostestors shouting at the riot police for a while. After the riot police left, we quickly passed through the prostestors and make our way to Hyatt because it was the only road to the hotel. Managed to took few pictures of the scene after passing through. We took the Rescue Chopper to Nagarkot, fortuantely it was quite peaceful at the airport.

    We actually booked our flight to Pokhara but when I saw the news that the US embassy was sending its staffs away we decided to fly back home.

    This is my most memorial trip and I’m glad our group are all safely back home.

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