US Embassy Demonstration Alert

The US Embassy has up to date information about demonstrations on
this page. Here is the latest alert:

Since April 6, the Kathmandu Valley has seen sporadic protests, particularly around the Ring Road. Over the past few days, the most violent demonstrations have occurred in areas such as Bhotahiti, Gongabu, Maitighar, Boudha, Chahabil, New Baneshwor, Sanepa, Kalanki, Jawalakel, Kirtipur, Bhaktapur, and Banepa. Demonstrations may occur at any place and at any time, however, and Americans are advised to keep away from large crowds, to tune into local media for updates on the security situation, and to maintain a low profile. Protests also are occurring in towns outside of Kathmandu, and blockades of major roads in and out of the Kathmandu Valley mean travel is limited. Visitors are reminded that during government-imposed curfews, they must stay indoors and off the streets.

The Seven Party Alliance has announced transportation and business strikes all over Nepal from April 15, with a major rally along the Ring Road area planned for April 20. Reports on April 18 indicated demonstrations in the Kalanki, Boudha, Chabahil, Baneshwor and Thankot areas of Kathmandu, but demonstrations may occur at any place, at any time.

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